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Patient Participation Groups

We would like to know how we can improve the way we do things around here. Meet with us in a small group every three months to share how you perceive our staff and practice. In our PPGs, kindness and constructive feedback go hand in hand.

Patient Participation Groups

Why attend PPG Meetings?
🎤 Have your say, share your experience - Advice the practice on the patient perspective
💙 Learn more about the work we do - Find out how different specialists in our team can support you
💡Share your ideas and perspectives - If you're leading any community initiatives we'd love to hear about them
📆 Stay updated with our latest initiatives - We're working around the clock to improve your experience. Find out what's happening

Your feedback is valuable. Join us for our quarterly Patient Participation Groups, where we listen to your experience, help you understand the NHS better and build a better future, together! 

Project Description

Every 3 months at your registered practice


Various Locations (See Event)




Susan Paul

Chief Executive, First 4 Health Group

Susan Paul

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