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Digital Literacy Project

Our Digital Literacy project is a movement focused on empowering patients with the necessary digital skills to simplify access to NHS services.

Digital Literacy Project

Our vision for the digital literacy project:
- Empower patients to use online forms & navigate the NHS app
- Inform patients of the services available to them
-Engage with your healthcare team in a meaningful manner

What can I expect?

One-to-one sessions with a member of staff to offer support, guidance, to answer and questions and to boost their skills

Patients will be able to join groups to improve their skills not just around digital literacy but for e.g. Gardening or maternity projects.

Know someone who might benefit from getting a little more comfortable with navigating the digital world? Our team is holding sessions to empower patients with the digital skills they need to access healthcare at their fingertips.

Project Description

Re-starting Soon


Stratford Village Surgery
50C Romford Road, Stratford, London, E15 4BZ




Susan Paul

Chief Executive, First 4 Health Group

Susan Paul

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